Anonymous: You're friends with berksdragontrainer right? Do you know if she's ok? Her last post was unsettling and she posted it a few days ago so I'm kind of worried. I just want to know if she's alright. I asked another one of her rpers about her and apparently she's going through a rough time?

Yes, Rachel is okay. She’s going through a very hard time right now, though, and has taken a leave of absence for a while. I ask that you please respect her privacy.

Anonymous: what's the apology for?

//eh a little bit of everything. for all the rps i haven’t responded to, for not being active lately, for being sick, for literally not doing anything lately. i feel so bad i just wanna sleep but i don’t want to let anyone down and i’m sorry//

//i am so sorry//

HiJack Smut Week, Day 1: Secret Lovers


Title: For Private Eyes Only

Prompt: Secret Lovers

Rating: E

Warnings: very nsfw, language, sex, cliche highschool au, lots of banter between these two dorks

So I decided to do HiJack smut week cause I’m a dork and I love these two little idiots. Here we go, a cliche tale of private school boys hiding their love. And it’s kind of a reverse PN!AU as well cause I love me some punk Hiccup.

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Day 1: Secret Lovers

Let’s call this one "Off for a while", to give it a name for ruture reference

It’s funny because we all know those two can’t keep a secret to save their lifes

Prince/Worker au anyone

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"Tutoring" Session (Day 1 of Hijack Smut Week: Secret Lovers)


Author: Ayla Pazza/aylapazzatheawesome
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians/How to Train Your Dragon
Pairings: Hiccup/Jack
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: M. VERY M.
Summary: Hiccup is exasperated at the idiocy of his fellow Hogwarts students. Thankfully, Jack is there to help him relax.
Warnings:  Fluff and smut. That is all.
Comment: Hello all! This is the first time I’m participating in anything like this, so I’m really exciting to be contributing! I suppose I should also warn people that I’m not doing the usual Hufflepuff!Hiccup and Slytherin!Jack. In fact, it’s switched! But they are still the lovable dorks we know and adore. Enjoy!

There was only so much idiocy that Hayden—Hiccup as his friends affectionately called him—could take. And there was a surprising amount of it among the Slytherins sometimes. Honestly, for a house that was supposed to be cunning, there were days when they were as bad with the idiocy as the Gryffindors were supposed to be. He sat back in his chair, rubbing his eyes to try and get rid of the headache that was growing. Severus and Potter were at it again, sniping and baring verbal fangs. Slughorn wasn’t really doing much either. For a Head of House and professor, he could be useless in keeping the peace at times.

Hiccup thought back to his hometown in Norway, wondering if Toothless was giving his parents any more trouble. The first year he was gone, the dragon had nearly kidnapped him during the Christmas holidays to prevent him from leaving again. Maybe for sixth year he could figure out how to sneak him onto Hogwarts grounds…

“Hiccup, wait a minute—!”

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