H-Hi... I'm Jack. Well, Jackson Overland-Frost. I'm 17, adopted, attend Burgess High school and tend to stay to myself. I'm studying pre-med and culinary arts.
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Anonymous whispered:
Which is the last hijack drawing you've seen?

Um it was a catboys au fanart


can you imagine how many linkin park amvs there would be if attack on titan came out in 2003




I bit the inside of my lower lip at his remark about me being more careful, but brushed it off with a reassuring chuckle. 

Well, reassuring for him. Hopefully.
When he asked me about whether or not I wanted a book on tattoos, I was intrigued, but nervous.
That means that he’ll see me again. That means that Kevin might see me talking to him; and if Kevin were to see that…
"You don’t have to," I started, but stopped. Maybe, I WANT to see Jack again… "But I’d really appreciate it if you did. I could get some inspiration from it.." I pondered, momentarily, before my face lit up and I snapped my fingers. "Ah," I said, and walked over to the fridge. I grabbed his bottle of champagne and a paper plate full of cookies. Made and frosted by me.
I’m proud of them.
"These are for you by the way." I cooed as I set them on the counter. "Welcome to Berk, Jack." I said happily.

Jack smiled, glad Hiccup agreed to his offer. At the very least, Hiccup would have a new book; he could give the others in the living room a break for a while. But, best case scenerio, and Jack could be paying his neighbor for a tattoo in Berk’s best parlor. “I’ll make sure to get it for you, then.” he said, watching as Hiccup pattered across the kitchen. His eyes lit up, then, when cookies and what looked like a very expensive bottle of champagne was sat in front of him. “How’d you know?” Jack grinned, sneaking a cookie from the plate and taking an eager bite. “Oh, wow. Nutmeg?” He asked around his bite, and looked to his smiling neighbor. Oh no. Jack faltered, mid-chew, but recovered quickly, and covered his mouth politely. No sea food Sunday. He’s cute when he smiles. Jack took a sip of his tea, washing his cookie down and cleared his throat. “D-did you make these?” 

I clasped my hands together and let them dangle in front of my pelvic bone. “Sure did; from scratch, too.” I replied. “A generous gift from Sir Haddock the Third himself.” I teased gently with a smile. I then pointed to the champagne bottle. “And the champagne is from Sweden; my dad got a bunch when he was visiting ancestors in Norway a really long time ago… He gave half of them to me when he got back, but kept them in his room so I wouldn’t drink them until I was 21.” I said. “I’ve got like five left downstairs.” I reassured so that he wouldn’t pull the whole “I can’t take this” card.

Absently, Jack took another bite of his cookie, eyes bugging a bit as Hiccup explained the champagne. “A-are you sure? I mean, it looks really expensive.” He wasn’t exactly complaining, though. It was only one of those polite ‘oh, I couldn’t’ gestures. Jack grinned at Hiccup, annoyingly aware of his adorability. “Thank you, Hiccup. I wasn’t expecting gifts, or I would have brought one for you.” And Kevin. He winced a little, surprised he’d forgotten about Hiccup’s boyfriend. Which was bad. They were neighbors. “I’ll definitely make up for it, though. Okay? Scout’s honor.”


I want to draw Harry Potter AU Hijack with the Jack/Jackson twins in Slytherin and Hiccup in Hufflepuff and older brother (hotcup) Henrik in Gryffendor. 

Then we can have Jackson/Henrik and Jack/Hiccup and just… I want to do this ok. 

12daysfromhopeless-hiccup whispered:
"Hello, I'm doing a survey of what people think are the cheesiest pickup lines. So, do you pick 'Do you come here often?', 'What's your sign?', or 'Hello, I'm doing a survey of what people think are the cheesiest pickup lines.'?"

"…smooth. I’ll give you that one."

12daysfromhopeless-hiccup whispered:
"Put down that cupcake... you're sweet enough already."

"What, you wanna taste?"

12daysfromhopeless-hiccup whispered:
"I must be a snowflake, because I've fallen for you."

"You’ll be water, soon. Too hot for you~"

12daysfromhopeless-hiccup whispered:
"Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?"

"Ah, no, I fell asleep at the beach."

12daysfromhopeless-hiccup whispered:
"Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears?" Hiccup pulled his pockets inside out. "Would you like to?"

"Isn’t that illegal in Michigan?"